Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How do you get there?

I have been asking myself this question all day. How do I get to the place where I can accept a situation that I am so not in control of? I know you are clueless. Have you ever been told to deal with something even if you are not ready to deal with it yet? Have you ever felt like you are the only one that is having difficulty dealing with a situation so therefore you feel left out? I am praying hard for Jesus to help me accept what I cannot change but also to be content with it. Please pray for me to be happy and content with ALL areas of my life not just my home and church life. Now that I have gotten that out of my system. Cassie came home yesterday to show me her final list of High School subjects to choose from for next year. Talk about panic. I cannot believe that this time next year I will be finalizing College plans, etc. My baby is all grown up! I am so very proud of the young woman she has become. She has such great morals and ethics. She is so very caring. Jessie is Miss Independent already. She can carry on the most adult conversation of any child I have ever seen. I guess it comes from having an older sister. She already has a passion for people who are in need. It will be exciting to see what path she chooses later for her career. Everyday I am so in love with my husband. He brings something new to each day. I feel very lucky to have such a caring man to share each day. Now, back to the real world. Harley says "Hi" to Reggie and Sadie!

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