Monday, February 9, 2009

Dance the Night Away!

Saturday night was fun for both of the girls. Cassie looked so elegant in her dress and Jessie looked like a little party girl in hers. Randy and Jessie had a great time! I think this will be an annual event for them. Cassie really enjoyed spending time with her friends. I relaxed after getting everyone fixed up and out the door! As always I enjoyed our Adult Bible Study yesterday morning with Dr. Lennie Barton. It is entitled "The Gospel in the Workplace Bible study for adults". I had the gracious pleasure of keeping Nursery during worship and as always I enjoy those little kids. Landon was so very helpful and entertaining. Miss Elizabeth, Kaitlyn and Laura Anne all enjoyed playing together and Jessie kept them busy for me. Boy, yesterday afternoon was so beautiful. Randy and I took Harley on the Greenway and he loved it. Last night was our monthly Shag Club meeting. We got some good things coming soon! Daily praying for my friends and family with Health issues. Hope everyone has a great week! Blessings!

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