Friday, January 30, 2009

Journal Entry 1-30-2009

I am trying my best to loosen the apron strings a little. Cassie is actually getting picked up by her friend Majesty and going to the mall after school. I truly trust Majesty and her driving. I am just trying to let myself allow her some room to grow. It is tough. She is going to the mall to look at dress for the Queen of Hearts Dance at Broughton. I still get to go tomorrow and look at what she picked out and give advice. I know, I have to also work on that advice. Too short, Too low-cut, too hoochy are words I am going to try and not use. Pray for me. Jessie is continuing to improve in her Reading thanks to a wonderful Reading teacher. We are looking into some tumbling classes for Jessie so she can keep up her skills until she can tryout for cheerleading in school. Randy is playing at Loafers this weekend and I am working the door. It is fun to work together. Well back to work! More later.

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